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Children welcome at Sunday services - special play area.

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play: kids do theology

Godly Play: kids do theology

Godly Play program for children

Godly Play program
for children

Godly Play is rooted in the spiritual tradition that teaches that God is a gracious God who is real and accessible in all of life, both joyful and sad.  Godly Play teaches kindness and mutuality by its routine and how it organzes space.  It offers a rhythm for living modeled in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  It teaches respect for other children and adults as well as for materials and space.  The “wondering” and responding to the stories is a way for children to KNOW God and not just learn about God.
Children already know something about God even before they have words to express it.  Godly Play provides the language and an open door for children to enter the stories about our Hebrew and Christian heritage.  Children learn from seeing and then moving the lesson pieces.  The language of Godly Play, simple and consistent, helps children discover a rich and personal meaning that helps them confront the questions we all must face:  aloneness, freedom, responsibility, purpose, and death.
Children, and really people of all ages, play a game of “hide and seek” with God their whole lives.  Seeking and finding God in all places and in all times is a life long task.  Godly Play lessons are presented in a way that allows children to discover the hide and seek presence of God, community, and personal meaning.  Lessons are repeated over time giving children the opportunity to enter the story in a new way each time and from a different developmental level.

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Church Camp

Summer camp for kids at Suttle Lake in the Cascades and Camp Magruder at Rockaway Beach. Scholarships and transportation available. A time to meet new friends and reconnect with other Episcopalians around the Diocese of Oregon. More information and registration forms here. Talk to the Vicar if you want to attend.

Kids' Area in the Church

Kids are welcome in church. There is a special place for those who listen better when they have something more to do than just sitting in a pew.

Other Activities

Activities planned with parents and children: picnics, scavenger hunts, reading club, Bible stories, soccer skill building.

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