Lenten Reflection

by Kay Stoltz Lent; a time of reflection and fasting. Particularly fasting. We ask what is in the way of […]

Seeing Clearly

by Tricia Gates Brown On the surface, this Sunday’s New Testament readings in the Common Lectionary, from 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 […]

Riding Shotgun

by Kay Stoltz Riding Shotgun: That’s the name of my new journal. A picture of a bike with a shotgun […]

Advent 2: Thresholds

Sermon for Advent 2 by Kay Stoltz Isaiah says: “See, I am sending a messenger ahead of you, who will […]

School of Life

by Tricia Gates Brown Lately I’ve stumbled upon articles, books, and interviews about the origin of belief, about why we […]

Things Missing

By Kay Stoltz I lost my necklace the other day. It wasn’t valuable, under $20, as I recall. Still, every […]

Even Amidst the Storm

  by Tricia Gates Brown Chaos makes people anxious. In fact, some people deliberately foment chaos because chaos also creates […]

Jacob’s Ladder

by Tricia Gates Brown   I sit with Brother Martin Gonzales, over sixty years a monk and reflecting on the […]