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Building Use Policy


Building Use Policy

 St. Catherine of Alexandria Episcopal Church of Manzanita, Oregon will make its facilities available to Church Members and Guests as outlined in this policy. The Vicar/Vestry reserves the right to consult together as to whether or not a group may use its facilities. The Church and its facilities are sacred spaces shared in the spirit of hospitality and will be treated respectfully at all times, honoring the Episcopal tradition of respecting God and all people.


Use of the church building and facilities (the “Church”) shall be approved by the Vicar and/or Vestry. This policy will outline who may use the church, rules for use of the church, and fees and deposits for this use. Background information and references beyond those described in this policy may be requested, if needed.

  1. Who may use the church:
  • St. Catherines church groups using the facilities including Vestry, classes, committee and church social gatherings, and larger Episcopal Church events.
  • Service, social, charitable, civic, educational and other non-profit groups (“Guests”).
  • St. Catherines church congregants, for some non-church events (“Members”).
  • Other groups (“Guests”) using the church for ceremonial, gathering, or meeting purposes that treat the Church respectfully, honoring the Episcopal tradition of respecting God and all people.


  1. Who may not use the church:
  • Partisan political groups, and/or other groups that do not honor the Episcopal tradition of respecting God and all people.


  1. Procedures and guidelines for scheduling the church:

Groups wishing to use the Church for an event or series of events (“Event”) should contact the Vicar or head of the Vestry to schedule Church use (phone: 503.457.5246). A representative must then submit the Building Use Application to be considered.

A representative of St. Catherines will call the Guest or Member to confirm the receipt of the Application and inform them of fees for the Event. The Vicar will approve requests for building use with the approval of the Vestry, as required.

A copy of the Application will be returned and will indicate that the use has been approved and will confirm the total fees (“Total Fees”) due.

Within _____ business days of approval, the Guest or Member will need to submit (1) the Building Use Contract; (2) the declaration of policy page from its insurance policy, when required; and (3) the nonrefundable deposit to secure the Church, when required.

Payment of remaining fees (Total Fees less non-refundable deposit) is due no later than one week prior to the Event.

In some cases, liability insurance shall be required to be carried by Guests and Members, evidence of which is provided with the Building Use Contract. If the Vicar or the Vestry determines that additional insurance is required, additional insurance must be purchased for the Event.


  1. General Building Use:

The use will be for the date and time indicated on the Application. If additional days are needed for rehearsal, setup, cleanup, or other use, additional charges may apply.

St. Catherines may allow other groups to schedule events at or around the same time as another Event but only to the extent the two events will not conflict with each other.

If more than 40 people are expected at an Event, a church representative may be required to be present during the Event.

Guests and Members are responsible for setup and cleanup of the Event. All trash and recyclables must be removed from the property at the end of the Event (trash is not to be deposited in the church’s outdoor receptacle, as it only gets emptied once a month). In some cases, a cleaning fee will be required, in other cases, groups will be asked to sweep and clean surfaces and tables in used areas before leaving. Cleaning supplies are available in the janitorial closet to the right of the office.

The best rule is remembering that each user of St. Catherines is a temporary occupant, and the building must be left ready for the next function.  We are proud of our building, and we thank you for helping us care for it.


Costs will be assessed for any unanticipated cleanup that is required or damage that must be repaired. When applicable, these costs will first be taken out of any Damage Deposit and the Guest or Member will be responsible for any costs above the Damage Deposit.

A piano and organ are available in the Sanctuary. If piano tuning is required, a $100 fee will be added to other building-use fees. Only St. Catherines-approved technicians may be hired for tuning.

The facility does not have a full kitchen.

Once the building is unlocked, it is not to be left unattended.


Unless instructed otherwise, tables, chairs, and pews should be replaced to their original positions following your activity. If items are used in small kitchenette, all items should be washed and replaced, and all surfaces cleaned. Coffee and other refreshments, and containers, must be provided by the Guest or Member. For ongoing use, arrangements may be made with the parish office for minimal storage space.


All lights should be turned off before leaving. Doors should be securely locked.


Thermostats should not be adjusted.


Special needs for set-up, space, and services must be determined no later than one week prior to the event. Changes cannot be made after this time.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Church Sanctuary. If there will be alcohol served at the Event, the group is responsible for obtaining any licenses necessary for the activity and obeying and enforcing all laws.  Alcohol is not permitted to be sold at the Church.

Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere in the Church buildings.

Firearms are prohibited anywhere on the Church property.

Guests and Members may request specific doors be open and available for the Event. No additional doors may be unlocked or opened for the Event.

Church Groups, Guests, and Members must ensure there is responsible adult supervision of children at all times when facilities are in use.

If Guests and Members require formal security at an Event, they are responsible for providing the Security and paying for it.

Tape, glue, pins, and other items that may cause damage may not be used on the doors, walls, ceilings, or furniture.


  1. Use of Furniture and Equipment:

If the Guest or Member needs use of any furniture or equipment to be provided by the Church, it must be outlined in the Building Use Application. Church Groups, Guests, and Members using the facility may use available tables, chairs, and lecterns, as their set-up requires. Groups are responsible for their own linens.

Groups may also bring in their own items. Any furniture or equipment must be removed immediately at the end of the Event. Any other arrangements must be indicated on the Building Use Application and have the approval of the Vicar or Vestry.

No furniture, equipment, or other property belonging to St. Catherines may be loaned or removed from the building except for official St. Catherines functions. No furniture may be moved between rooms without permission.

Movement of furniture between rooms or removal of significant furniture such as the communion rails must be supervised and/or performed by a church member and appropriate fees will be charged.

Spaces available for use include:

Church Sanctuary


Meeting Room

Informal meeting space with easy chairs

Outdoor area

(Note: At the discretion of the Vicar or Vestry, congregants of St. Catherines may borrow tables and chairs from the church at no cost.)


  1. Fee Structure:

St. Catherines does not seek to make money from the use of its facilities but merely to defray the cost of building operation and maintenance for additional use. In addition to the non-refundable deposit of $___ paid (when required) at the time the space is reserved, the following fees are due no more than one week in advance of the event:


MEETING/CLASS/SEMINAR   2 hour minimum $20/hr    $50/hr
EVENTS   (Party, Memorial, Reunion, etc.)  $40/hr     $75/hr
     Peak Season   (June 1-Sept 30)   Friday-Sunday Minimum 8 hours Minimum 8 hours
     Off Season   (October 1-May 31)   Friday-Sunday Minimum 4 hours Minimum 4 hours
     Week days Minimum 2 hours Minimum 2 hours
     Weddings and Receptions Minimum 12 hours  Minimum 12 hours
     Cleaning $35 per hour $35 per hour
     Overnight Storage (When available for multi-day usage) $75 per night $75 per night
     Meeting/Seminar (New renters may require $50 deposit) None $100
     Events  Non-wedding  (less than 12 hour rental) $100 $300
     Events  Weddings and Receptions $300 $300

CANCELLATION NOTICE: Your deposit will not be returned to you if you cancel your reservation within 40 days of the event.

NOTE re: PUBLICITY:  St. Catherines does not do any publicity for events held at the church. Publicity for events, workshops, etc., is solely the responsibility of the renting party.

* Local =  Community organization or resident. Your voting residence or primary business location is within the boundaries of our Fire & Rescue District.  Generally this includes the cities of Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and surrounding areas. “Local” also includes all St. Catherines congregants, even if they live outside of this geographical area.

In addition to the fees listed above, some Guests and Members must provide a refundable $___ building cleanup and damage deposit (“Damage Deposit”). The fee is to be applied against cleanup or damage if applicable but otherwise is returned to the facility user at the end of their agreement. If cleanup or damages exceed $100, St. Catherines will invoice the Guest or Member for these costs.

Any fees above the $___ non-refundable deposit which have been paid will be refunded if a reservation is cancelled forty-eight (48) hours prior to scheduled usage, less any costs incurred by St. Catherines.


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Building Use Application

St Catherine Building Use  Click this link to download pdf for printing the application