From the Vicar

Dear ones in Christ:

Last Sunday, my sermon built on our foundational understanding of “God as love” as a place from which we can continue to develop our individual and corporate theology. (In a nutshell, theology is our understanding about what is God, what is the world, and what is humanity). I spoke about how, at St. Catherine’s, we strive to respect each unique spiritual journey, and also how we strive to live out a theology that is authentic and congruent with our actions. As a Christian community, I spoke about our understanding of God is relational, trinitarian, incarnational (God manifest in Jesus), and how it should lead us, via the Holy Spirit, to living lives that make a positive difference in the world in ways that express God’s love.

Building on these reflections, this week I invite you to peruse a very similar understanding of what it means to be a Christian within the Episcopal Church. This one comes from the College of Congregational Development, sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia:

Here in Oregon, Bishop Michael encourages us to deepen our relationship with the College as we form leaders and communities that can effectively live into this identity at the local and diocesan levels. Some of you will be familiar with this material from the time we hosted the workshop on congregational development. It is an excellent summary of our particular understanding of what it means to be a Christian community, and I invite you to read and reflect on it as we end our summer as prepare for the fall.

In Christ,

Blessing of the Backpacks

41 Backpacks were donated from St Catherine’s to Nehalem Elementary School. Good work everyone! On Sunday we blessed them and Beverly Goertzen delivered them to the school this week. Thanks to Beverly for organizing this project and watch this space for more ways to deepen our relationship with the elementary school.


We are reviving the celebration of the opening of St. Catherine’s new building, official on September 2005. As was done on past celebrations, we will set up outside on our beautiful grounds. Our resident deer family may even join us.

If you can, arrive early to set up tables and chairs outside. Please bring a main dish, and salad or another accompaniment. Dessert will be furnished.

We will walk down memory lane with Steve Jones, Byron Melton and others who were part of the group that are responsible for the beautiful building we enjoy today.

Music –  Laughter –  Good times – Enjoy the fellowship of the wonderful people of St. Catherine’s.

Bring a friend.

Kay Stoltz

Our Members Write 

Check out St Catherine’s web site to read what our members are writing. We have many talented authors and we showcase their work on our Reflections page. Click here.

Newest essay is “Good Samaritans” by Kay Stoltz.  Kay was paired with Karen Small in the Hoffman Center “Word and Image” Event.

Rain is coming in sheets, pouring so hard my windshield wipers can barely keep up and the wind is blowing sideways. New in town, I’m headed for a Garden Club meeting at the Pine Grove Community Center to meet people and enter the life of the community. It was merely sprinkling when I left, of course. Ah! Luck is with me, there is a parking spot right in front of the Community Center. I dash in and find a seat. I don’t remember much about the meeting, later events obscure the details.At the end of the meeting, people have stopped at the door, talking about some problem. Then I see the problem: my car with no front tire? No, it’s just an exceedingly flat tire! My mind races; how do I change the tire? Where? How humiliating. I am embarrassed in front of these strangers.

Read the rest here.


Presiding Bishop Curry offers election message

“Voting is a Christian Obligation”
Read text here in English or Spanish



Gabriel and Marco Antonio who will be 1 year old Friday August 26.


What Is It?
Byron and Vicki Melton
gave a “stoup” to
St. Catherine’s.
It is a place for holy water- you use the water for a blessing when you enter the church. Thanks to John Fontaine for making it watertight.

Blessing of the Backpacks


Becky and Jim dancing


Bert and Dixie Yungen visited with Jean Smiset this week. Jean will celebrate her 100th birthday December 5.