Bill and Chelo Steagall, parents of the Rev. Patricia Steagall, Vicar at St. Catherine’s Church in Nehalem and Manzanita, died peacefully in Portland OR within a scant two weeks of each other after 55+ years of marriage.

Bill and Chelo were members of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Portland. A Memorial Service will be held the morning of Tuesday, June 20, 9:20 AM, at St. John’s, concurrent with the usual Tuesday service.

Holy Week Services:

April 9 Palm Sunday: one morning service at 9:30 AM

April 13 Maundy Thursday service:  5 PM

April 14 Good Friday service:  Noon

April 15 Saturday:  Church cleanup for Easter Sunday

April 16 EASTER:
No 8 AM service, principal service at 9:30

Make Palm Crosses This Saturday

Palm Sunday is April 9th and the Altar Guild will be making Palm Crosses Saturday April 8 at 9:00 AM. Come have fun learning to make them. Or if you know how to make them – come teach others.


Mission Committee Meeting April 9 at 9:30 AM

The monthly meeting of the Mission Committee will be this Saturday with reports on our projects from the Elementary School, Food Bank, and Labyrinth Committees. We will be discussing how best to support for our  Latino community at this time.

Grocery lists from the Food Bank liaison are available on the Information Center in the entryway. Don’t forget new underwear for all ages – “Undie Sunday.”

Lenten Reflections from St Catherine’s

A weekly reflection on the meaning of Lent by members of St. Catherine’s. This week: Sharon Smith, member of the BAC. Read them all here.

When I was a teenager, my friends and I would talk about what we were giving up for Lent. Many of our ideas involved letting go of favorite foods or activities.  We would give up chocolate, ice cream, or pizza.  Sometimes we would resolve to break bad habits like arguing with our parents or siblings.   Some of our ideas were pretty abstract; giving up selfishness, pride or being lazy.

Decades later, those ideas seem to reflect our innocence in a very different era both in our personal lives and society as a whole.  However, it seems some of those patterns persist.  In February, Christianity Today published a list of What to Give up for Lent 2017.  Among Americans who still observe Lent, 57% give up a favorite food or beverage (alcohol and chocolate top the list); 35% give up a bad habit, 23% give up a favorite activity.  You can see more about what people give up these days here.

I have definitely aged out of my teenage approach to Lent!  In 2017 I am looking for inspiration and action; things that lift my spirit and give me hope in these turbulent times.   Poetry is a way of opening my heart and mind to other perspectives on divine presence.  Here are two poems I’ve been thinking about during Lent.

Read the rest here.

Another St Catherine’s author is featured on Episcopal Café. Tricia Gates Brown reflects every 3rd Wednesday at Speaking to the Soul. This week: Trinity.

“We are all here to be healers, prophets, incarnations of God. We are invited to join the dance of unity and inter-relationality that is the nature of being. In these deeply challenging political times, we can be especially mindful to resist forces of hate and scapegoating. This means acknowledging our inherent union, our common life, with those who are different from us. Even those who hurt us. As Christians, we can take a second look at the Trinity. What does the nature of God, the nature of being, ask of us in these times?”

To read it all Click here.