August 11, 2016

From the Vicar

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

This week I have some wonderful news to share. Just yesterday, my Father was discharged from rehab, and is now transitioning into living at home again. Of course he’s still fragile, and both of them will need ongoing in-home care, which is what I am now working on setting up. I took both of these photos this week – my Dad as he was leaving the rehab facility, and my parents together shortly after I brought Dad home.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers. At many points on this journey, I’ve seen outcomes that were unexpectedly more positive than I thought they would be. Truly, it makes such a difference in our lives, and in the lives of our loved ones, when we live within the commitment of being a community of prayer.

Update on your Mission Committee:

This week, the Labyrinth Focus group developed a draft of their work so far. This will soon be shared with the BAC and the congregation as a whole, but for now, I want to lift up some of the process and questions they have engaged with:

First, the group has been reading a book  – Exploring the Labyrinth, by Melissa Gayle West – as a way to expand their thinking and frame their discernment process.

Second, the group includes both members and non-members of St. Catherine’s. This expands perspectives, and helps us better connect with the needs and realities in our local community.

Third, the group is framing much of its discussion around specific questions that relate the project to our vision and goals at St. Catherine’s:

  • As you learn about a Labyrinth, what are your hopes for this project?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit your personal spirituality?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit the spirituality of the members of St. Catherine’s?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit the spirituality of other people who are not members but who live in our local community?
  • What other positive uses/benefits can you envision for a Labyrinth?
  • What is your vision for what the labyrinth would look like?
  • What questions and/or concerns would you have moving forward?
  • What ideas or personal suggestions would you like to share with the BAC?

The next step for the Focus Group will be presenting their conclusions to the BAC. At that point, the BAC will discern whether to continue forward, and whether to form a Labyrinth Project Task Force. The BAC will then work with the task force so we can have presentations open to everyone as part of our process.

What I want to highlight today, is that a process such as this allows us to work on a major project in ways that are healthy, inclusive and forward-looking. I invite your own reflection on the questions above, and your own prayerful support on the steps we are continuously taking as a congregation to deepen our vision and goals as a distinctive Christian community.

In Christ,

Backpacks Still Needed

To reach our goal of 35, we still need backpacks for the children at Nehalem Grade School. Needed are sturdy packs without writing or images that will hold food for the weekend for those who are food insecure. Next time you are at Fred Meyers or Costco or other store – there are many on sale.

For more information contact Beverly Goertzen

September 11: Celebrating Completion of Our Church Building

September 10, 2005 marked the completion of the building of our current place of worship. Sunday, September 11 we are reviving a tradition at St. Catherine’s. A potluck is planned to celebrate  St. Catherine’s Anniversary. Bring a main dish and salad or dessert. We will have music from our inimitable Dorene and Karen Sarnaker plus games and story telling: stories of who, what, and how our lovely church came to be. Click here to read a history. If any of you have pictures and or stories, please let Kay Stoltz know. or 509-993-1381.

A sign up sheet will also be in the foyer of the church. Please invite all who have been associated with St. Catherine’s over the years. It will be an anniversary,  a homecoming and a thank you to all who have supported and cared for our space over the years.


Kay Stoltz

Scavenger Hunt

Children and teens went out on the grounds searching for 9 items they had learned about in Godly Play. For instance, something the color of the 3rd day of creation or something the animals on the ark might have missed while floating on the sea. They brought the items back to the meeting room to make a “parable box” on paper to display and discuss the parable they have gathered. After worship the adults joined them to celebrate summer birthdays.


News of Jean Smiset

Jean’s daughter, Dana, reports that Jean continues to do well at her new home. She had a crisis but that seems to have passed and she is feeling better and is planning a family reunion.

Photo of Jean enjoying a meal.

Upcoming Meetings and Events at St Catherine’s

Mission Committee Meeting:
Saturday Aug. 13, 9:30 AM

Financial Auditing Committee Meeting:
Saturday, August 20, 9:30 AM

Bishop’s Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting:
Sunday, August 21, after the 9:30 service.

Sunday, Sept. 11. Celebrating the anniversary of our “new” building.