August 18, 2016

From the Vicar

Blessing of the Back-Packs
This is the time to get those last few back-packs collected so we can complete our goal of 35-40 backpacks for needy children at Nehalem Elementary!  This Sunday, we will gather and bless what we have collected, and be taking them over to the school sometime next week. 
At this point, we are just a few back-packs short.  Bring those back-packs to church so we end the summer with a generous and successful project to support the children in our local community!
In Christ,

Read about another church with a backpack project, “Doing God’s Work” here and a video “Backpacks of Love” here.

Want to help Louisiana flooding victims?

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting diocesan leaders along the Gulf Coast who are coordinating flood response efforts after several days of heavy rainfall across the region. – See more here.

Episcopal Relief will use your contributions directly with the people of Louisiana. Donate here.

Labyrinth Project Discussion Continues

How does the Labyrinth relate the to our vision and goals at St. Catherine’s? What would you say in answer to the questions?

  • As you learn about a Labyrinth, what are your hopes for this project?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit your personal spirituality?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit the spirituality of the members of St. Catherine’s?
  • How could a Labyrinth benefit the spirituality of other people who are not members but who live in our local community?
  • What other positive uses/benefits can you envision for a Labyrinth?
  • What is your vision for what the labyrinth would look like?
  • What questions and/or concerns would you have moving forward?
  • What ideas or personal suggestions would you like to share with the BAC?

Share your thoughts with the committee convener Molly Oliver at

September 11: Celebrating Completion of Our Church Building

September 10, 2005 marked the completion of the building of our current place of worship. Sunday, September 11 we are reviving a tradition at St. Catherine’s. A potluck is planned to celebrate  St. Catherine’s Anniversary. Bring a main dish and salad or dessert. We will have music from our inimitable Dorene and Karen Sarnaker plus games and story telling: stories of who, what, and how our lovely church came to be. Click here to read a history. If any of you have pictures and or stories, please let Kay Stoltz know. or 509-993-1381.

A sign up sheet will also be in the foyer of the church. Please invite all who have been associated with St. Catherine’s over the years. It will be an anniversary,  a homecoming and a thank you to all who have supported and cared for our space over the years.


Kay Stoltz

Upcoming Meetings and Events at St Catherine’s

Financial Auditing Committee Meeting:
Saturday, August 20, 9:30 AM

Bishop’s Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting:
Sunday, August 21, after the 9:30 service.

Sunday, Sept. 11. Celebrating the anniversary of our “new” building.