February 2, 2017

By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Dear ones in Christ,

After all the headlines this week, I struggle to find a balance between the usual concerns that fill my life, and the many newly complexified socio-political issues that are developing practically on a daily basis.

Throughout this time, I will do my best to keep us focused on the voice of Jesus. This voice, this Gospel witness, can and will guide us to respond, not based on partisan or socio-political affiliations, but on something higher and infinitely better, which is the call of Jesus to embody and live within the Kingdom of God.

We look to follow Jesus, because this is the one and primary identity that holds us together. Here at St. Catherine’s, it is Jesus who has made us a “church family.”  Being  family in Jesus means listening to others and remaining in loving relationships even as we see things differently. It means staying united across all the diversity that is there to enrich our common life, even in a world that seems to become only more polarized every day. As the apostle Paul reminds us, it also means trusting and supporting each other, living into those difficult Christian virtues that are also the fruits of the Spirit.

Wherever you find yourself today, I invite you to hold this tension between your personal feelings and responses, and the need to be a church that is faithful and united in Christ, courageous and steadfast as we discern our particular way of living into the challenges that face us today.  Make it a point to be in church every Sunday, to be active in our ministries even if they seem small, and to join with others as we strive to be the place we are called to be together.

In Christ,

St Catherine’s Choir Looking for Pianist and Singers

St Catherine’s choir was conceived and brought to life in 1999 by our then priest, Bonnie Roddy, and two new couples who had joined the congregation and missed singing in the choir.  At a lunch attended by the three couples, Bonnie and Jack, Sandra and Frank Christhilf and Dick and Kathy Park, a plan was developed.  Choir rehearsal was announced the next Sunday and during the week, 8 people responded.  We then called Dorene Dunlap to direct the choir, already having an organist.

Now we no longer have Dorene to direct or accompany, but there are still a very few willing singers.

We need a pianist!  Please ask among your friends and acquaintances, even strangers.  We also need more willing singers.  Consider joining us.  Rehearsal time is currently fluid, meaning we can adjust it to fit the group.

Any volunteers to sing or information on a pianist please contact Jim Berg, 503-368-4035bergmark14@gmail.com  or Kathy Park, 503-368-4086dkpark@nehalemtel.net.

Kathy Park
Choir Committee Chair

Congregational Care Meets Saturday

Saturday, February 4 at 9:30 AM join theCongregational Care Committee as we make plans for our ministry this year. We have ongoing ministries of home visits with the Eucharistic Minister, meals for those temporarily unable to cook, birthday cards, etc.  Last year we offered workshops on planning for the last years of our life and our after death wishes. We have a shelf in the library with books on living fully no matter what your age or ability.

What else needs doing to care for each other in our times of joy and sorrow? Add your voice – come to the meeting.

Phyllis Mannan
Congregational Care Coordinator

Labyrinth Coming to St Catherine’s

Labyrinth Orientation Sunday,
February 26th

 The Labyrinth Committee is sponsoring an orientation for using the Labyrinth as a spiritual practice on Sunday, February 26th at 11:00 am.  We are borrowing the floor labyrinth from Grace Episcopal Church in Astoria and will be setting it up in the altar area.  We’ve also invited Karin Temple, who coordinates the Labyrinth Ministry at Grace, to speak about the labyrinth as a spiritual practice and how they have incorporated the labyrinth into their congregation and wider community.  The labyrinth will remain up during the evening worship service and there will be a few designated times when the labyrinth will be available for walking the following week.

We will be inviting the larger community to this event; please invite neighbors or friends you think would be interested in learning more about the labyrinth.  If you have questions, or you’d like to become involved in bringing an outdoor Labyrinth to St. Catherine’s, please contact Molly Oliver at 503-314-7318 or mollymoliver@gmail.com

Molly Oliver
Labyrinth Committee Chair

Your Support of St Catherine’s

Thank you for your generosity in supporting St Catherine’s in 2016. We ended the year without drawing funds from our reserve account and with $??? surplus which can now be used to address some deferred needs.

As the BAC begins work on the 2017 budget please send in your pledge card (available in the entryway – or we can mail one to you). A pledge is your hope for supporting St Catherine’s this year. If your circumstances change you can always let us know any changes to your pledge.

This year we are hoping to fully support the music program, work on long term building maintenance and grounds projects in addition to the funds needed for base budget items: salaries, heat, lights, etc.

The 2016 report is on the bulletin board in the hall by the office: if you need a copy please ask. The outline of the 2017 budget is also posted. The BAC will be working on this at our next meeting so it will be helpful to know the pledge amounts.

Many Ways to “Be” Church

Watch these videos of what is happening in the Episcopal Church. Thursdays@2 features churches worshipping and working in a variety of ways. Enjoy!

Click here to watch this week’s video and find others.


February 5 Godly Play
Sunday at 6 PM
Godly Play

The Parable of the Sower