My thanks to our BAC for having a great discussion about our needs, hopes and challenges as we discern next steps in our music ministry. My thanks also to those of you who have e-mailed me directly with thoughtful questions and comments. Today, I can offer a few words and answer a few questions as to what we will be doing for the immediate future.

I’d like to start by describing what Dorene accomplished each week in her position as our Music Director:

  • In directing our anthem choir, Dorene brought people together so that diverse voices and abilities coalesced into a harmonious whole. Four-part choral anthems take time for a choir to learn, even as a skilled music director is also functioning as a vocal coach for each member of the choir.
  • After the opening anthem, Dorene supported the rest of the service playing our hymns and service music.

 These are just two “behind the scenes” glimpses of what is done week in and week out by a Music Director. The result should be a seamless experience where choral pieces and regular hymns are brought together in ways that truly enhance our worship experience week after week.

One question that has come up is why not hire a local pianist to continue the choir until we decide on something more permanent. There are two factors that we need to consider in answering this question. First, it is essential that the primary musician be there for the whole service, playing our hymns and service music in addition to an anthem or introit. Secondly, we need to remember the time it takes to rehearse an anthem with a choral group. Logistically, this means that hiring a pianist “just for a Sunday” is not enough to support what we need.

Music is an important part of our life and we are seeking our way through this time of transition, looking for what gifts are being offered, and waiting on the Spirit as our history has shown us brings us more than we can imagine.

Do you love music and want to offer your support – join us on Wednesdays at 3 PM.

Come and see!

Blessings in Christ,

Annual Meeting January 22
Following the 9:30 AM service.
Bring food to share.

Candidates for 2017 Bishop’s Committee

  Tricia Gates Brown              Sharon Smith

Tricia Gates Brown: Since 2010 I have attended St. Catherine’s, mostly the bilingual service. In 2010-2011 I helped lead the summertime “Santa Catalina Soccer and Crochet Club,” and in 2012 taught a Lenten book study. I have served on the Flower Guild for several years, and now also as Eucharistic Minister. My education includes three degrees in theological studies, including a PhD from University of St. Andrews, and among other jobs, works as a lay counselor, guiding individuals in spiritual formation and emotional wellness. I hope to bring these unique perspectives to my service on the BAC. As many already know, I am also a writer and novelist, and garden designer. I am beginning an exploration discernment about ordination to the Diaconate.

Sharon Smith: In July I fulfilled a much anticipated, long-time dream of moving to Wheeler. I visited often over the past 15 years and St. Catherine’s was always a focal point of the harmony and balance I feel here. I am looking forward to creating new connections in this community of faith and in the larger community as well. Becoming a member of the BAC is a welcome opportunity to support the church in its mission and goals. I consider myself a life-long learner; retired from a career in teaching and library administration. My favorite class to teach was the Sociology of Sport. Such fun! My first “real” job was in the Army during the Vietnam war. Definitely a life-changing experience that still resonates in my commitment to social justice.

Lianne Thompson has donated a new computer to the church replacing our old outdated desktop with more memory and new software. This will make our office work simpler and more efficient. Kristin Fontaine donated about 20 hours to installing software and making sure it all works including transferring all the data from one machine to the other.

Food Bank Needs

Boxes of cereal, apple juice, toilet paper.  (families only get 2 rolls per week)  Laundry soap, jelly, Top Ramen, peanut butter and other protein items like canned beans, tuna, etc. Candy for the kids; not a major item but just a small treat for children.
Contact person:
Darryl @ 503 812 6205
Financial Contributions can also be mailed to:
North Coast Food Bank
P.O. Box 162
Wheeler, OR 97147

Sharon Smith
Outreach Committee

Pledge cards and Annual Statements

Your 2016 statement is now available in the entryway (narthex). Thanks to Janet Lease for the preparation and distribution. After January 31 statements not picked up will be mailed.

Pledge cards for 2017 are ready to be filled out. Please return these as soon as possible so we can plan for the year.

Celebrating Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr:
Community Dialog Event Photos

See last week’s Tidings for the events of last weekend. This was a good first event for the Love Coalition.




New Essay by St Catherine’s Authors

Jesus Says: Stand Up! by Tricia Gates Brown. 

“A friend recently complained, “I wish Christianity wasn’t such a wimpy religion!” Turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, blessed are the meek—you know the drill. She is tired of it. She is angry and she wants fighting words. I countered that Christianity is not, in fact, wimpy (though I contend it is inherently nonviolent). But it is often poorly taught. For example, over the centuries “turning the other cheek” has become synonymous with doormat passivity, when the actual meaning is quite the opposite. Surprising to many, it is synonymous with taking a stand.” Read the rest here.

Altar Flowers
Do you want to remember or honor someone with flowers on the Altar? Choose a Sunday. Add your choice to the Flower Calendar. Suggested donation is $20. Questions? Ask Ann+

Keeping the font filled with water.
If you see that the font is low on water, the bucket is under the sink. Fill until you can see the water in the rocks at base.

Jim Fontaine


New office phone number:

New cell phone for
the Vicar: