What We Did Well

This past Sunday we held our Annual meeting. Welcome and thank you to our new BAC members, Treasurer, Senior Warden and delegates to Diocesan Convention. We also presented our year-end financial report and budget for 2017.

An important additional item was sharing hopes and expectations around our music ministry given Dorene’s retirement. Today, I want to lift up the positive actions taken at the meeting that will help us engage with this topic as both a challenge and an opportunity:

  • We all showed up!
  • Each person carefully shared what was important to them
  • People listened to each other
  • We went beyond our personal preferences, searching for directions that serve St. Catherine’s as a whole
  • People committed to individual responsibility around the work required.

These are positive and effective steps, well worth remembering and repeating for times we have a decision to make or challenge to overcome as a congregation. Thank you!

Next steps in our interim music program:

  1. The senior members of the choir will constitute themselves into a Choir Committee under the leadership of Kathy Park
  2. With support and approval of the BAC, one or more contract pianists will be hired on a per-Sunday basis for Sundays when the choir will be singing
  3. To give the dedicated singers of the choir an easier schedule, there will be Sundays they will not sing, and the music will performed by an alternative musical group
  4. The BAC will work with the Choir Committee, and may find it necessary to adjust our 2017 budget and ask the congregation for additional financial support so we can hire the musicians we need.

 My thanks to all of you who made this such a fruitful and constructive process for the well being of St. Catherine’s.


P.S. Our Bishop Michael on Annual Meetings and love.
Click here. to read his thoughts.

New Leadership at St Catherine’s

Tricia Gates Brown, Sharon Smith, and Chip MacGregor will join Lianne Thompson, Jim Berg, and Vicki Melton on our Bishop’s Advisory Committee (Parish Council). Vicki will serve as Senior Warden. Junior Warden selection will take place at the first BAC meeting.

Last week’s Tidings had information on Sharon and Tricia (click here to read). Chip MacGregor is a longtime literary agent, formerly was a publisher at Time-Warner, and has spent much of his career working on books that feature a broad spirituality. He’s a seminary graduate, did his post-doc at Oxford University, is ordained, and has served with several congregations in various roles. He grew up Presbyterian, joined the Anglican church about fifteen years ago, and has been part of Saint Catherine’s for the past three years. He’s been looking for a way to serve the congregation, and is excited about the opportunity to help out on the BAC in order to help the church move forward in the community.

Lianne Thompson and Byron Melton are our delegates to Diocesan Convention joining our clergy in the governance of the Diocese. Lianne Thompson was elected at the last Diocesan Convention to the Diocesan Council.

Opportunities from Nehalem Elementary

Sharon, Kay and l worked together to prepare 27 bags of nutritious food which had been gathered by Rose Hucek in her volunteer capacity with the school Backpack Program. We then placed those bags into children’s waiting backpacks.  The food is either purchased using donated funds or is donated in bulk by a local business in Manzanita.  When shopping at Manzanita Fresh Foods, tell them thanks for their community support.

Each child also received a toothbrushing kit. The 30 dental kits were donated by Scott Santos, DDS, Seaside Family Dentistry. Thank you to them and thanks to Kay for asking.

We had live musical accompaniment as we worked which was provided by the elementary students as they practiced with Boomwhackers.

Rose is looking for assistance with the art program at the school. If you are interested, please contact me and l will get you connected with Rose for more information.

Thank you for your support with community outreach at Nehalem Elementary.


Pastoral Notes:

Services for Nancy Jones will be at St John the Baptist in Portland at 2 pm. February 18.

Bob and Jan Tarr would like the community to pray for Troy River Knapp, who is their great grandson. He is 4 years old and has just been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism.  He and his family need your prayers.

Mailing address for Dorene Dunlap:

Dorene Dunlap
9305 SW Maplewood, Apt R 190
Tigard Oregon,  97223

Cards and letters are much appreciated. Dorene misses her friends, Manzanita, and the church.

Pledge cards and Annual Statements

Your 2016 statement is now available in the entryway (narthex). Thanks to Janet Lease for the preparation and distribution. After January 31 statements not picked up will be mailed.

Pledge cards for 2017 are ready to be filled out. Please return these as soon as possible so we can plan for the year.

LINK CORRECTION: New Essay by St Catherine’s Authors

Last week the link to the rest of Tricia’s essay “Jesus Says: Stand Up!” was broken.  Click here to read it. (Your Editor)

“A friend recently complained, “I wish Christianity wasn’t such a wimpy religion!” Turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, blessed are the meek—you know the drill. She is tired of it. She is angry and she wants fighting words. I countered that Christianity is not, in fact, wimpy (though I contend it is inherently nonviolent). But it is often poorly taught. For example, over the centuries “turning the other cheek” has become synonymous with doormat passivity, when the actual meaning is quite the opposite. Surprising to many, it is synonymous with taking a stand.”

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Photos of Annual Meeting


January 29
Sunday at 6 PM
Godly Play

The Good Shepherd