July 20, 2017

Vicar’s Column

Presentation and Focus Groups
for the Outdoor Labyrinth

This Sunday, after the 9:30 AM service, we will hold the first Focus Group Presentation on materials, site and design options for the St. Catherine’s outdoor Labyrinth. The hope for this presentation is to give our membership an opportunity to ask questions, and begin sharing preferences around site, materials and design. The hope is to be as inclusive as possible as decisions are made, so the presence of all our membership is critical to realizing the hopes and goals we have for this project.

  • This gathering of questions and preferences will be opened up even further, as we invite the broader community to a second presentation, which will be held on Tuesday, July 25, at 7 PM.
  • The canvas Labyrinth will be opened for the first time and available for walking this coming Saturday, July 22, between NOON and 2 PM.

 Meanwhile, the temporary, painted Labyrinth can be found on the Great Lawn and is available for us to walk. The best way to find it is to follow the path that goes to the Memorial garden on the right side of our property as you face the church building. It is painted blue, and you will be facing a large tree across the lawn as you find the entrance.

Many thanks to the members of our Labyrinth Committee, Design Committee, and newly forming Labyrinth Guild!

In Christ,

Nehalem Elementary School Partnership

Remember to bring backpacks and plastic grocery bags for our partnership with Nehalem Elementary School.

Thank you for your support.

Beverly Goertzen 
Nehalem Elementary School Partnership Coordinator 

St Catherine-ites Out and About

Audene Jay fiber art at the Hoffman Center Show

Welcome back Betty

Neil Mibus 70th Birthday Party

Saturday July 22 beginning at 4 PM

12590 Hugo St. Nehalem  Ph:  (503) 368-6901

From Audene: Side-dish potluck, music jam, drumming, if you play, bring your instruments and drums!