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Unfolding the Labyrinth

Last weekend, the canvas labyrinth was unfolded and used for the first time. Meanwhile, the work of the Labyrinth Committee continues with focus groups and presentations, gathering our preferences around location, materials and design.

Regarding location on our property, considerations include aesthetics, safety, accessibility, and accounting for possible future expansion of the building.

Our materials options range from more natural materials to stenciled concrete and paver kits. So far, there is high interest in selecting materials that don’t pose a maintenance burden, and for using surfaces that are wheelchair and walker accessible.

In terms of design, we are looking at a variety of options in both classical and medieval styles, with path lengths ranging from 320 ft to 464 ft.

Preferences are being collected using a poster with stickers. If you haven’t done so already, please collect a set of stickers on Sunday and add your dots to the mix!

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Pastoral Notes:

George Belnap is once again having surgery, and asks for prayers and support from his church community. Cards can be sent to:

George Belnap
1023 S Easy Street
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136


Dixie Sexton
1023 S Easy Street
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Summer Hours and Hiatus for the Tidings

The Vicar will be on vacation the first two weeks of August, and the Tidings will be on hiatus during that time. Articles and submissions will then be received through the church e-mail address:

Summer Mission Projects

We continue collecting small backpacks for Nehalem Elementary school, and working towards our goal of subsidizing one week of a Resident Counselor salary at Camp Magruder ($357 goal).  Thank you for helping us meet our yearly summer mission project goals that benefit our local community!

Marc’s Birthday Party August 26 – 3 PM

From Marisol: “Hola la invita al. Cumpleaños de Marc el 26 de agosto alas 3. De la tarde en mi casa.”

Birthday party for Marc at the Marisol Godoy and Gabriel Cázarez’ home.

Two years old!!

Photos From Neil’s Birthday Party

Lianne, Jan, Bob, Patricia+
Audene’s Cake               Sharon, Michael, Neil, Lianne

New essay by our St Catherine’s authors at our website
Jacob’s Ladder by Tricia Gates Brown

August Events 

August 26   3 PM
Birthday Party for Marc at Marisol Godoy and Gabriel Cázarez’ home


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More Party Photos

Sharon cuts the cake

Ann+ and Neil

Neil and Bob