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Vicar’s Column

This week, I want to share briefly on making time to connect with people who bring different histories, backgrounds and perspectives to complex issues. Specifically, I am hoping that many of you will make the time to participate in a dialogue event with Canon Angela, and also invite her to share her perspective and history on anti-racism and social justice work in the Diocese of Maryland. In doing so,

Canon Angela Shepherd

Canon Angela Shepherd

we may find areas of difference as we compare our experiences in different contexts and locations, but we also might find ourselves challenged and encouraged.  Wherever we find ourselves, dialogue itself is a blessing and a gift. Please join me in the hospitality and welcome that our St. Catherine’s community is so good at!

Saturday June 5 at St. Catherine’s from 4-6 PM, followed by dinner at The Bunkhouse.

In Christ,



Congregational Care Meets Saturday

Saturday, June 5 at 9 AM Congregational Care will hold its monthly meeting. Items to be considered:Reports on meals ministry, home communion and visits to shut-ins, report on the last two workshops in our end-of-life series, report on prayer ministry, birthday card ministry, support group for caregivers, report on welcome dinners.

If these sound like ministries of interest to you, come to the meeting and join the team.

Phyllis Mannan  Coordinator



Congratulations Graduates

Alison Willie:
Graduated Friday, May 6th from Penn State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. Will be working in the Portland area.

Ivan Cázarez:
June 2 5:30 PM Nehalem City Park

Gabe Cázarez: 
Neah-kah-nie High School, June 3 at 7 PM
in Rockaway Beach

Eric Willie:
Clackamas High School, Saturday, June 4th at 2PM
at Memorial Coliseum

Alejandro Quintana: 
Southwestern Community College,
June 10 at 7 PM in Coos Bay.


Join the Cleaning Crew

We currently have 6 teams to clean the church. Would this be a ministry for you? Responsibilities (once every 6 weeks) include mopping floor as needed, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, dusting, setting up Sunday coffee and tea. Other tasks as you wish or have time to do – 2 hours at most. Cleaning can be done any time during the week after Thursday before Sunday.

I am currently making up the schedule for July through October — let me know (reply to this newsletter). Help keep the church looking good.

Thanks to our current teams: Terri Maragos and Lianne Thompson, Bill and Ginny Larson, Carol Jones and Becky Berg, Karen and Benedict Sarnaker, Beverly Goertzen and Ann Fontaine, Dick and Kathy Park,



Goodbye to Jean Hemingway

Sunday June 5 from 9 AM to 1 PM Jean Hemingway is holding  garage sale in preparation for her move to San Diego. Lots of great items from furniture to tools.

Jean has sold her house and found a place close to her family. We will miss her in the community but know her many friends as well as her family will love having her nearby.


Yard Work Continues

Our abundance of weeds need your attention. Come on Saturdays for a couple of hours and help get the grounds ready for summer.

Thanks to all who have been helping. Colleen spent a couple of hours after church this past Sunday. Wear your gardening clothes to church and stay for a bit.


Bill Larson
Junior Warden



A Prayer Practice

Last Sunday, Jim Berg asked me to put the prayer practice that I mentioned in the sermon in The Tidings. Here is a brief description

1. Pray for yourself  – spend the whole first week holding yourself in kindness. Appreciate that you are here in this time and place. Look upon yourself as beloved – the way God regards you.

2. Next week continue prayers for yourself and begin to pray for those whom you love and who are easy to love. Appreciate the gifts they bring to you.

3. Each week continue the previous prayers but add – the people who are more difficult, then those who you really can’t stand, then the ones who have wounded you. This is not about forgiving people for wounding you but giving them over to God’s care.

4. Expand your compassion from yourself to the whole creation.

The Lord’s Prayer helps us “to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.” Begin with yourself each time. Expand who is neighbor to you.

Sermon notes are here. (sort of what I preached!)