Vicar’s Notes:

A place of acceptance and welcome
where people experience renewal and transformation
become a community of love
making a positive difference in the world
and maturing into the fullness of Christ.

From Maintenance to Mission

No matter how small or large a congregation, a church thrives when its members are unified around a common vision. Relevant Christian vision emerges as people remain committed to continually growing in faith, and where the promise of the Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus is lived out through the identity and ministries supported by the congregation in response to the realities and needs in the world and local community.

This summer, we revisit our vision statement as a way of supporting and informing these ministries that bring vitality and joy to our community. Where do you find yourself in each of these statements? What do you long for? What is it about our vision statement that invites enthusiasm? What points to a sense of relevance in the lives of our members and the community around us?

St. Catherine’s is blessed with generous hearts and a loving congregation. May this generosity and love find itself renewed this summer season, even as we refocus and refine our ministries into the next steps of our common journey.

In Christ,

Labyrinth Group Meets Saturday

The Labyrinth Group will meet this Saturday, June 24 at 10 am.

Topics for Discussion

  • Indoor labyrinth set to be delivered this Friday, June 23th
  • Initial meeting of Labyrinth Guild
  • Update on possible temporary summer outdoor labyrinth and permanent labyrinth designs
  • Planning for Labyrinth Event in August – discuss date and program

Molly Oliver

Congratulations Kay Stoltz

Kay’s essay Keeping Summer Holy is featured in the Diocesan news this week.

Jaqueline Pérez Graduates
from Clatsop Community College

Jaqueline Itzel Pérez Arellano received her Medical Assistant Degree June 16. She will be working in Pacific City.

Robyn Lopez Melton Graduates
from Western Oregon University 

Robyn is the daughter of Byron and Vicki Melton. She earned a MSEd Information Technology degree.

Congregational Care: Emergencies at church

To help ensure that everyone will stay calm and provide the best possible care during a medical emergency at St. Catherine’s, Congregational Care has developed several protocols with the help of Colleen Schwindt and the BAC. These protocols include steps to follow in the event of a fainting or falling incident, a seizure, or the clean up of bodily fluids. The policies will be posted in the building and on St. Catherine’s website. We’ve also created a simple incident form to be filled out by the person in charge after the event.

This is the policy for a fainting or falling event: (Please see the website for the other protocols)

One person should assume the role of leader and follow these procedures:

  1. Keep the person on the floor and encourage him or her to stay still.
  2. Make sure the person is warm and comfortable.
  3. Call 911. When the paramedics arrive, they will assume responsibility for the person’s care.
  4.  Fill out an incident report.

We hope having simple guidelines will make things easier if a medical incident occurs. Of course, we hope it doesn’t!

Phyllis Mannan
Congregational Care Coordinator

Pastoral Update:

Betty Powers is healing from her broken bones and may be home by the end of the month. Her daughters will be able to be with her this summer to assist with her continuing recovery.

Her mailing address for cards is:
650 SE Oak St, Hillsboro, OR 97123