Vicar’s Column

Labyrinth Focus Group

How do we realize a project at St. Catherine’s so its open to feedback and insights from each other and from the community around us, and in ways that connect the project with our mission and vision statements?

One way to do this is to begin by creating a Focus Group. The Focus Group will ask initial questions, frame hopes and goals, do some research, frame possibilities, and then take the fruit of their work to the BAC to discern next steps.

This summer, we are creating a Focus Group to explore the possibility of creating a Labyrinth at St. Catherine’s. What is a labyrinth? In the Christian tradition, a labyrinth is a path, folded in upon itself, that one can follow until a center is reached. The center is a milestone in what is both a physical and a spiritual journey. One remains there as long as one wishes, and then follows the same path on the way out.

These labyrinths, by the way, are not mazes. It isn’t about trying to figure out a way, or choosing which way to turn. It is just about following, allowing the walk itself to become meditation.  In her book, Exploring the Labyrinth: A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth, Melissa Gayle West describe it as follows:

“Whoever you are, walking the labyrinth has something to offer. If a project is challenging you, walking can get your creative juices flowing. When struggling with grief or anger, or a physical challenge or illness, walking the labyrinth can point the way to healing and wholeness. If you’re looking for a way to meditate or pray that engages your body as well as your soul, the labyrinth provides such a path. When you just want reflective time away from a busy life, the labyrinth can offer you time out. The labyrinth holds up a mirror, reflecting back to us not only the light of our finest selves, but also whatever restrains us from shining forth.”

The work of the Labyrinth Focus Group will take place over the rest of the summer, to be presented to the BAC at the September meeting. Please contact Patricia+, e-mail the church office at, or Molly Oliver, if you would like to be part of the work of this group.


Family Game Night July 10 at 6 PM

Join the fun and games on Sunday evening July 10. There will be a brief Misa followed by yard games and board games including Loteria (like Bingo) for all ages of our St Catherine’s family . More information in next week’s Tidings.

Fun with Weeds Continues

Join the fun on Saturdays at 9 AM while we get the Bible Garden and the Memorial Garden weed free in preparation for putting down ground cloth and bark. 

Bill Larson
Junior Warden

Congratulations to Juan Carlos López Baez 

Carlos, the son-in-law of Vicki and Byron Melton, received his U.S. citizenship on Monday June 27. His wife Robyn and son Carlos were there for the event. Daughter Nayeli is at Suttle Lake with campers from St Catherine’s.


Our members write

Check out our web page, Reflections (here) to see what St Catherine-ites are writing. A poem by Jan Tarr is featured this week.

Lectio Divina

A chant softly sung to call us,
collect us,
focus and center us,
a candle flickering
in a sun filled room,
a circle of companions
invoking, praising,
in a beginning prayer before
relaxing into the silence,
expectant – aware – breathing – not thinking – receiving,
slowing led by a calm voice into
opening to the Spirit breathing us.
A scripture is read to waiting hearts…. and we are changed.
Sitting without words,
later with words, if we wish,
we share the gift.
Ending with prayer, we leave, renewed together.