Prayers Continue

Patricia+ thanks everyone for the good work and the prayers. She feels very supported by your love and care. Bishop Hanley visited and prayed with Patricia+ and her father this morning at the hospital As she wrote on Wednesday in a Pastoral Note:

“My father was hospitalized on Sunday with an infection that has been located in the liver. Treatment options are complicated, and his prognosis is serious and changing constantly. Meanwhile, my mother is having a hospice consult today because cancer that has migrated into her lungs.

Given that both of my parents are in crisis, my sister and I are working together to juggle difficult decisions and provide the physical and emotional care that they both need.”

Ministries at St Catherine continue under our able leadership. We will worship together at 9:30 AM but not at 8 AM. Family game night will take place at 6 PM as scheduled led by Janet Robinson.

The meeting of the Mission Committee will be on Saturday at 9:30 AM. Weeding the garden is not organized for Saturday but you are welcome to come anytime and work in the Bible Garden or Memorial Garden.

Yours in Christ,

Game Night Sunday July 10 at 6 PM

Sunday, July 10 at 6 pm we will have Games for all of the St Catherine’s family.

Bingo/Loteria, a big favorite, will be offered as well as ping pong, and board games for folks of all ages and interests.  There will be lots of pop corn and lemonade to keep us going as we play.

Bring friends

Janet Robinson

Becky and Jim Berg pray with
Franklin Graham in Salem

Becky and I attended the Franklin Graham prayer event on the State Capital steps last Tuesday. It was an uplifting time to pray for our country and the people who make decisions on our behalf.

There were between 4 & 5 thousand in the hot sun. But the heat only increased the commitment as we held hands and prayed. There were a number of times of silence for personal prayers. As we do on Sunday at St Catherine’s, we prayed as a body for all who serve on our behalf; school teachers, police, school board members, city mayors, state congress representatives, those in military service, etc. It was a rewarding experience.

Jim Berg