June 9, 2016 Newsletter

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Vicar’s Column

Working together in Mission

Last week I had the joy of sharing a full itinerary with Canon Angela Shepherd from the Diocese of Maryland. On Friday, we started the day with a visit to the Rose Garden, where Angela+ enjoyed the roses at their absolute peak. After that we drove to the Diocesan Office, where we met with Canon Neysa Ellgren and the Rev. Carol Sedlacek, who is the staff liaison for our diocesan Commission to End Racism. We followed with lunch with a group from St. Philip the Deacon, the one historically African American church in our diocese, and then met with a group from St. Andrew and All Souls with the Rev. Karen Ward in St. John’s, where we also toured their food pantry.

On Saturday, we visited Short Sand beach in the morning, and gathered with our community here at St. Catherine’s for dialogue in the afternoon, followed by dinner at The Bunkhouse. A huge thanks to the group who participated! Our conversation was open and candid, sharing our different experiences and histories with racism, as well as our thoughts on what racism and anti-racism work means for us today. Canon Angela encouraged our group to take next steps in participating in our local political processes as we identify steps that need further legislation in the creation of a just world where all are treated with respect.

On Sunday we visited with the congregation of St. James in Tigard, spending the morning with the English language service and the evening with their Spanish language community. Thanks for the Rev Robert Williams, Rector, and Rev. Wilson Ferreira, East side Latino missioner, for hosting us.

Altogether, the visit was everything I hoped for – an opportunity for sharing, dialogue, and the sharing of different experiences and perspectives that may inform our next steps both as a congregation and as a diocese.

Working with needs at Nehalem Elementary 

As we deepen our partnership with our local elementary, we will increasingly have an opportunity to help with the needs of many of the children in our area. This week, we are invited to help an 8  year old boy who is having a very hard time. He is in desperate need of clothes/shoes.

Anything off this list would help greatly:
Size 9 boy clothes (Swim trunks, underwear, socks, T-shirts, jeans, flip flops and size 5 sneakers).

Thank you!

Canon Angela with BAC and leadership of St Catherine’s

At St James’ Tigard                      At the Diocesan Office

Yard Work Continues

Our abundance of weeds need your attention. Come on Saturdays for a couple of hours and help get the grounds ready for summer.

Thanks to all who have been helping. Colleen spent a couple of hours after church this past Sunday. Wear your gardening clothes to church and stay for a bit.  


Bill Larson 
Junior Warden  

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Graduation Photos

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