November 3, 2016

Update On Our Labyrinth Project

At the October meeting, the Bishop’s Advisory Committee (BAC) gave approval for the creation of a Labyrinth Committee.  There are plans to borrow a cloth floor labyrinth from Grace Episcopal in Astoria and to set it up at St. Catherine’s for all of us to walk.  There will be a presentation on the history and discipline of labyrinth walking to orient us about how it might be a part of each of our spiritual journeys.  The intention is to bring the labyrinth to St. Catherine’s on a regular basis while we make progress towards bringing a permanent outdoor labyrinth to our church grounds.

The BAC also approved the following working groups:

Labyrinth Design – select design/materials and obtain bids to determine price.

Fundraising – identify grant writing opportunities andindividuals/groups to solicit for contributions.  Prepare grant materials and make presentations to people/groups.

Community Relations – Identify community groups, other churches and individuals who might be interested in becoming involved with the labyrinth project or who might be interested in using the labyrinth. Be involved in letting groups and local papers/BBQ know about the labyrinth.

Formation/Education – Create the handouts explaining a labyrinth walk that will be available at the labyrinth; lead orientations on walking the labyrinth 2 – 4 times a year; plan special labyrinth events where the community would be invited to participate.

Don’t be intimidated by these committees!  We will break down tasks to make them manageable for a church of our size.  Do one of these groups sound interesting?  Do you know someone in our greater beach community who might be a great fit for one of the groups?  Let me know.  I am happy to answer questions – see me at church, email me or call me at 503-314-7318.

Molly Oliver



Photos from Día de los Muertos




Celebrating All Saints Day

We will observe All Saints Day on Sunday, November 6th.   On that day, all are invited to bring a photo of your departed loved ones, or a favorite personal saint. You are also invited to write the names of your loved ones so their names can be recalled during our prayers.

Christmas Tea is Coming!

The annual Christmas Tea is in the works. Becky Berg is heading up the planning. The Tea will be Friday,  December 16th, 1:00 P.M. at the Pine Grove. Donations will be go to support the Tornado Relief Fund. Checks should be made to St. Catherine Episcopal Church with a note “Tornado Relief Fund.”Bruce’s Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach has donated a Christmas basket of their famous candies for our fund raiser.

 Can you help: host a table, tell a Christmas story, make tasty items for the tea, set up or clean up? There is a job for everyone. The Tea is a way to celebrate community and raise funds for local needs. This year the focus is on recovery from the tornado through fellowship and fund raising. Let Becky know if you can help by replying to this email or talking to her at church.

NO Fall Study Program this week
November 3-5 Diocesan Convention in Eugene

Next session November 10 at 4 PM



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