October 27, 2016

IMG_6250Dear Community in Christ:

St. Catherine’s Basket
for the Poor and Homeless Commission

Each year at Diocesan Convention, each congregation donates a basket to be raffled, with proceeds supporting the work of the Commission for the Poor and Homeless. This year, our project will be to donate a basket and also support local businesses affected by the tornado.

Let’s fill our St. Catherine’s basket by purchasing an item from a Manzanita business. Bring your items to church THIS SUNDAY so the basket can be taken to Diocesan Convention (November 3-5)  next week.

Each item thus purchased does “double good” by supporting the rebuilding of our community businesses and supporting diocesan ministry grants that help the poor and homeless.

Celebrating All Saints Day

We will observe All Saints Day on Sunday, November 6th.   On that day, all are invited to bring a photo of your departed loved ones, or a favorite personal saint. You are also invited to write the names of your loved ones so their names can be recalled during our prayers.

Celebrating Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead), is a festivity in much of Latino Hispanic culture that closely mirrors the Feast Day of All Souls, which is celebrated just prior to All Saints’ Day. This year, we will decorate a “Día de los Muertos” altar THIS COMING SUNDAY at the 6 PM service. All are invited to attend, and to bring something to share for a “convivio” or social gathering following the service.


Christmas Tea is Coming!

The annual Christmas Tea is in the works. Becky Berg is heading up the planning. The Tea will be Friday,  December 16th, 1:00 P.M. at the Pine Grove. Donations will be go to support the Tornado Relief Fund. Checks should be made to St Catherine Episcopal Church with a note “Tornado Relief Fund.”Bruce’s Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach has donated a Christmas basket of their famous candies for our fund raiser.

 Can you help: host a table, tell a Christmas story, make tasty items for the tea, set up or clean up? There is a job for everyone. The Tea is a way to celebrate community and raise funds for local needs. This year the focus is on recovery from the tornado through fellowship and fund raising. Let Becky know if you can help by replying to this email.

Nehalem Elementary School
Thanks St Catherine’s for the Backpacks

“Dear Generous Members,
Thank you for the beautiful backpacks! Thank you for the numerous backpacks! Thank you for the much needed backpacks!  A new backpack puts big smiles on small faces. It gives me such a pleasure to watch the students light up as they try and choose their favorite one.”  Linda Hershey, Family Resource Coordinator

We received a thank you note from the school. More of this thank you note on the Bulletin Board in the hallway.

Fall Study Program:
Journey to Your Creative Heart

Thursdays at 4:00 PM

The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart
by Julia Cameron

October 27  4PM  
The Kingdom of Attitude
How do patience, courage, baby steps develop your spiritual and creative self? Can practicing these elements be fun?

You are welcome to attend even if you have not read the book or come before. Patricia+ will facilitate.

Sock it to Me! This week!

This is the time of year when the guests of Rahab’s Sisters are in need of socks and stockings to keep their feet warm and dry. Leave your socks in the basket for us to take from St Catherine’s.

ALSO: unopened soaps, lotions and shampoos will be collected like the ones you get at hotels.

For more on Rahab’s Sisters ministry to vulnerable and exploited women in Portland click here.

Community Service of Prayers and Thanksgivings

Photos from the service