September 15, 2016

Anniversary Celebration Success 

Sunday’s Anniversary celebration was a great success. The weather cooperated and the food was a picnic gourmet’s delight. Under the guidance of Colleen Schwindt, tables and chairs were arranged outside.As Parishioners arrived, they all quickly fell in and tables were in place by the start of service.

The   bountiful feast was set up immediately after the service. To complete the picnic, our baker, Marisol Godoy, made a beautiful cake with a picture of St. Catherine’s on top. 

Many reminiscences were shared of our early days. Byron told of the building of the Church and the serendipity of the location. He said the establishment of St. Catherine was in God’s Time, everything that brought them to the final stage happened according to God’s Timetable. Stories of fund raisers, Sunday School for the children, and good times were shared. Especially interesting were Paul Falby’s reminiscences of his family’s involvement, how his father, Chet Falby, became interim priest.  More on Chet’s life here.

Everyone agreed to make the celebration of our anniversary an annual event. More photos here.

Kay Stoltz 

Fall Study Program:
Journey to Your Creative Heart
begins September 22

A 9-week series exploring the connection between personal creativity and spirituality. We will use The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) as our primary text, and then add additional material on creativity, the sacred imagination and Christian spirituality as we explore and share different approaches to the creative process. No experience needed. 

My hope for this series is that it will also be a place where we can connect with our unique capacity for creativity and deepen relationships within our community. 
“In the Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart, Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, draws from her remarkable teaching experience to help readers reach out into ever-broadening creative horizons. As in The Artist’s Way, she combines eloquent essays with playful and imaginative experiential exercises to make The Vein of Gold an extraordinary book of learning-through-doing. Inspiring essays on the creative process and more than one hundred engaging and energizing tasks involve the reader in “inner play,” leading to authentic growth, renewal, and healing.”
The class will meet Thursdays 4-6 PM at the church beginning September 22.

To register, click here, or sign up at the church. Each person is asked to purchase their own book.


Marc Antonio Baptism September 24

At 4 PM Saturday Sept
 Marc Antonio Cázarez Godoy will be baptized at St Catherine’s. A reception will follow at the Nehalem Fire Hall. Join the celebration.

Join the Choir 

Love to sing or want to learn to sing? You are invited to join the St Catherine’s Choir. The Choir practices at 4 PM on Wednesdays and gathers at 9:00 AM on Sundays. Dorene is a wonderful and supportive teacher if you feel unsure about singing in a choir. Remember:  “Those who sing, pray twice.”

Godly Play resumes October 9 

At 6 PM on Sunday October 9 Godly Play resumes for children during the evening service. Godly Play teaches the stories of our faith to children and gives them words for the faith they already experience. Janet Robinson leads by telling the story using items for the “story box” and the children respond to questions that begin with wondering about what they have heard.

The first session will be “Creation.” Watch it here.

Invite the children you know and worship while they learn.

Landscaping News

Thanks to all those who helped weed the grounds and mow the lawn this summer. Gilberto Arciga put down the ground cloth and bark on the berm so we will have less work in the future. Plans are in place to continue with weed barriers in the gardens.