From the Vicar 

Some of you will know by now that my father’s condition deteriorated steadily over the course of the week, requiring an ambulance transfer to Providence Hospital in Seaside on Tuesday. Today, he remains hospitalized and very fragile. Hopefully, he will qualify for Medicare-covered discharge to a skilled nursing facility again, in which case we will move him back to Portland.

Today, I’m thankful for what I learned over the challenges and blessings of the last few weeks, and thankful for his time with me. On his best days, we talked about the important stuff, like the need to know we are safe and cared for even when we are fragile, and creating loving households and loving communities. We talked about family, and how things have changed over the years. One day, he asked me to sing more often, because he always liked music and singing. Another day we drove to Tillamook, and he told me once again how much he has always loved the water.  I will always treasure this time I got to spend with him, even when it was hard.

Meanwhile, I think about our common life at St. Catherine’s. Again, I ask “what’s important?” – and the answers are the same: being a loving place where all are safe and cared for, working together to make a positive difference in the world, and deepening our capacity to live with love, generosity, compassion and gratitude. Take care of each other. Say “thank you” every day. Sometimes, it really IS that simple.

In Christ,


We are delighted to make our parking lot available for the Harvest Festival sponsored by the Lower Nehalem Community Trust this Saturday, Oct. 1.  For those who will be at the church on Saturday morning, a small number of parking places should still be available for our use – just tell the organizers that you are a member of St. Catherine’s and use the spaces that (hopefully) will have been reserved closest our building. (And if that falls through, just smile, do your best, and rejoice in the fact that our parking lot is being used for a worthwhile community event!)

October Meetings

Saturday October 8 9:30 AM Mission Committee

Saturday October 15 9:30 AM Audit Committee

Sunday October 16 after 9:30 AM service Bishop’s Advisory Committee BAC (Parish Council)


Remembering Jean Smiset

This Sunday October 2, we will remember and celebrate the life of Jean Smiset, as part of the 9:30 AM service. We will sing her favorite hymns and have prayers for her and her family. Jean Yennello and Betty Powers will provide for coffee hour.

Her daughter Dana writes: “During their 64 year marriage, Jean and Bud fullfilled their mutual dream of traveling around the world, visiting every continent, feeling as if London were their second home. However, they especially loved returning home to the United States, living it Richland for seven years, then Sunnyside for 25 years, and Manzanita for 35 years where they felt deeply at home at St Catherine’s Episcopal Church and with the Manzanita community.

Jean dared to dream, worked to have her dreams become reality, encouraged others to do the same, and coined some words, like Sharadream, and lived some words like Carpé Diem.  Jean came from community living every moment of life of life at the scale of family to the scale of the world from these words:   “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst”

Beyond words and measure, Jean loved her grandchildren and her great grandchildren.  She visited schools in all six continents, shared her love of dance by providing dance classes and choreography skills for scores of productions.

As Jean passed, she felt comforted knowing she was held in prayer by her Manzanita community and by music composed to her breathing and heart beat provided through the compassionate work of Providence Hospice.”  Read more about Jean and her life as a dancer here.

Jean requested memorials be given for the support of St Catherine’s (PO Box 151, Manzanita OR 97130).

Goodbye Party for Jean         Jean and baby Amelia
at St. Catherine’s


Fall Study Program:
Journey to Your Creative Heart

Thursdays at 4:00 PM

The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart 
by Julia Cameron

September 29  
The Kingdom of Story: How do words and stories create our world and what we seek?  According to Mandy Aftel, “The way we describe our lives and understand them is ultimately and inextricably connected to the way we live then.”  Our seeking begins in our stories. One of our own authors, Kay Stoltz, will co-facilitate this session.


Godly Play resumes October 9 

At 6 PM on Sunday October 9 Godly Play resumes for children during the evening service. Godly Play teaches the stories of our faith to children and gives them words for the faith they already experience. Janet Robinson leads by telling the story using items for the “story box” and the children respond to questions that begin with wondering about what they have heard. Read more here.

The first session will be “Creation.” Watch it here.

Invite the children you know and worship while they learn.


Convention Basket Raffle

Diocesan Convention is fast approaching, and so is the Commission on Poverty and Homelessness’ Annual Basket Raffle! St. Catherine’s has always participated with a basket for the raffle.

This is one of two major fundraisers for the Commission which supports programs to create support and community with those experiencing poverty or homelessness.

Would you like to take on this opportunity to organize our basket? Pick a theme — ask members to seek donations from merchants or buy something for the basket. Let Patricia+ or Ann+ know that you want to spearhead this project!



Photos from Baptism
of Marc Anthony

Sunday October 9
6PM Godly Play

Godly Play
God creates
Day and Night

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