September 8, 2016

New Building
Sunday September 11!
After the 9:30 AM worship service

Celebrating St. Catherine’s new building in September 2005. 

After worship, we will walk down memory lane with those who were part of the group that are responsible for the beautiful building we enjoy today. Read some history here.

If you can, arrive early, before the service, to help Colleen Schwindt set up tables and chairs outside. Please bring a main dish, and salad or another accompaniment. Dessert will be furnished.

Music –  Laughter –  Good times – Enjoy the fellowship of the wonderful people of St. Catherine’s.

Bring a friend.

Kay Stoltz


Our Backpack Project
and Support for the Nehalem Grade School

From Beverly Goertzen:
Sharon Smith and Janet Lease joined me for the first meeting of the Parent Association at Nehalem Elementary School. In addition to our continuing work with the Backpack Program, there are other opportunities for the congregation to help with at the school.

They have started a vegetable garden with the support of Food Roots. If this is of interest to you let me know.

Save those coupons!

The school is gathering Boxtops for Education Check your pantry for products with this coupon.  We’ll have a small basket at the church to gather these.  The first deadline is November 1st.

There will be many opportunities for our involvement with our school partner, based upon the conversation at the meeting.  I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you all, for your interest and time. Contact me for more information:


Marc Antonio Baptism September 24

At 4 PM Saturday Sept
 Marc Antonio Cázarez Godoy will be baptized at St Catherine’s. A reception will follow at the Nehalem Fire Hall. Join the celebration.

Buy a Book:: Support the Church

There is a bookcase in the office with books our members have read and donated to the church for our ongoing fund raiser. For only $2 or $3 you can find a book that others have enjoyed: mystery, adventure, faith, romance and others.  All money earned goes to support St. Catherine’s ministries.

Check it out.


Our Members Write 

Check out St Catherine’s web site to read what our members are writing. We have many talented authors and we showcase their work on our Reflections page. Click here. This week we feature Kay Stoltz’s reflection “Starting Over.”  She was paired with artist Karen Small.

“Stormy Weather, just can’t get my poor self together, Keeps rainin’ all the time.” the voice from the CD player echoes my mood.“Keeps rainin’ all the ti-ime, the ti-ime.”

I belt it out along with the music, “… everything I had is gone …”

My everything is gone, my world upside down; uprooted, like a tree in the forest, storm tossed, left to rot. Discarded like the wrapper of a candy bar, the container from the espresso shop.

Strange place, new house. I can’t call it a home yet. I don’t have my bed made. First, though, find the bed. It is hidden under all the stuff from the packed car I dumped helter skelter on top of it. The movers took care of the furniture, but they put on the couch on the wrong wall. I have to move it. Me? Move it? He always did that. I’ve lost my right arm.

Good riddance, you can do it. Don’t need him.
Read more here.