Life in the Upper Left Edge

by Lianne Thompson, our Senior Warden and Clatsop County Commissioner

Arcadia Beach

Arcadia Beach

A doe snaps her head up, as I raise a blind in the front window. Quicker than thought, she whirls and scampers for the forest a few dozen feet away. Lushly green, it swallows her in shadow and safety. I turn to start a kettle of water for tea.

Stepping from the porch a few minutes later, the smell of clean salt air joins cedar, salal, and blackberry in my nose. Down the driveway alongside a bit of wetland, then down the gravel road to the path that drops over the rocks to the sea, it’s a short three blocks.

Surrounded by Oswald West State Forest, my little house joins a few other dwellings in a semi-private paradise. Well, it used to be semi-private until a few years ago. Read more here.