by Kay Stoltz


No wind, no rain this morning. The quiet is calming, soothing. Dave sits in his chair, dozing off and on. I think about the “free” day I have ahead of me. There are no scheduled meetings, events, chores to think about, or plan around. Whoopee! A clean slate, I can do whatever I choose. Let’s see, there’s Ann, asking for another story, a deadline of November 1 with Narrative, read book we’re studying, guest room needs deep cleaning for Thanksgiving guests, exercise, walk. First though, read “Forward Day by Day” and the accompanying meditation.

I read Ecclesiasticus 15:9-20.

Verse 14, It was he who created humankind in the beginning, and he left them in the power of their own free choice.

“Whatever I choose.”

That decision is mine because I have been given the power of free will. That is an awesome power. If I think about it, what I choose to do can make a difference in someone’s life. Where I shop, what I buy, where I spend my volunteer time, how I worship: all has an effect. And in my life. I can go blissfully on my way, planning my day, offering a prayer at usual times, but no thought of the decisions I’m making to direct my day.

haende_istock_000013390899xsmall545This morning, I have decisions to make. And many more throughout the day. Instead of asking what is on my agenda today, my query should be, how to offer my day to God.

Instead of making lists, checking off projects, planning events:

First of all, ask God to direct my day.