by Kay Stoltz

January 1 was celebrated as Holy Name Sunday, when we celebrate the naming of Jesus, as told in Luke 2:15-21. Ann’s sermon spoke to me, opened my mind to how we derive our purpose in life.


The Angels Sang

The angel Gabriel told Mary, you will bear a son and you will name him Jesus. Angels attended His birth, hailing the coming of the Son of God, named Jesus. His path was foretold by the angels, His “reason for being.”

What does your name mean? What did the angels say about your birth? Maybe you were named for a famous person, your mother hoping you would take his/her traits. Maybe for your father, a tradition in some families. It is a special event, naming a child. Some babies’ first outings are to church, christened and brought into the church family. But always, the names given to a baby have a meaning, even a purpose.

What of God’s purpose? Jesus’ name told of His life’s meaning,“reason for being” as the Son of God. What of God’s plan for us?

No one has our name, our identity, our soul. The angels sang when we were born. What was the song? Will we ask? Listen in the quiet, listen to God’s Word for us.