The Hour of Lectio Divina

by Jan Tarr
A chant softly sung to call us, collect us, focus and center us,
a candle flickering in a sun filled room,candle-02
a circle of companions
invoking, praising, in a beginning prayer before
relaxing into the silence,
expectant – aware – breathing – not thinking – receiving,
slowing led by a calm voice into
opening to the Spirit breathing us.
A scripture is read to waiting hearts…. and we are changed.
Sitting without words,
later with words, if we wish,
we share the gift.
Ending with prayer, we leave, renewed together.


(editor’s note: Lectio Divina will begin again in September led by Lola Sacks and held at the Center for Contemplative Arts in Manzanita – Division St. and Manzanita Ave – Underhill Plaza)